Optys Corporation was founded in July 1997 as a leading edge design house and technology supplier.

Optys Corp is a high tech company with the perfect match of experience and experts that can develop, design and produce reliable hardware that can include software or firmware development.

For the past eight years Optys Corp has been designing and developing RFID Hardware for specific custom solutions. We now have an extensive line of RFID hardware that we have released as OptRFiD.

OptRFiD offers RFID hardware that operates in HF and UHF frequencies. OptRFiD provides RFID readers, antennas, tags, control modules and solution development to provide you with the hardware and solution that meets your requirements while also is affordable.

OptRFiD also offers leading edge custom RFID hardware design. Some unique technology that OptRFiD has created includes a Synchronous 4 Channel Reader, a 8 Mbit Passive Memory Tag and a Near-field UHF Antenna that can read a UHF tag in any orientation.

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